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The Communication Hub is for people with communication difficulties, their communication partners, and the wider community.

For first time visitors

Perhaps you, a family member or a friend has experienced a change in communication. This may be because of an accident or illness. Perhaps you have been given a diagnosis of a condition that you want to know more about.

This can be a challenging time. There is a lot to learn and lots of uncertainty, so feeling overwhelmed is common.

To help you during this time, the Communication Hub provides:

When you're ready for more

As well as learning about how to support communication, it can be helpful to go back to basics and learn more about communication itself - what it is, the many ways we all communicate, and just how central it is to everyday life.

Some pages on this site will be useful to share with others to help them understand your experience, the crucial importance of communication and the impact of communication disability on everyday life.

To browse some more, head back to the Home page, watch the videos from our communication advocates, and continue your journey through the website.

Talk to someone about your needs

If you want to contact a professional about your questions and needs, you can use the Find a Speech Pathologist service provided by Speech Pathology Australia.

As well, various websites provide detailed information, resources and support services that will be specific to your needs and situation. Make sure you get accurate and trustworthy information by reading Finding good quality information. This page has a list of websites, as well as things to be alert to when you are seeking information and services.

Who made the Communication Hub?

Speech Pathology Australia and AGOSCI developed the Communication Hub website with funding support from a Department of Social Services Information, Linkages and Capacity (ILC) Building grant. Read more at About the Communication Hub.