Supporting Communication

Supporting communication

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Services and organisations

Various services and organisations are available for the person with communication difficulties. The individual should be at the centre of all decisions about support.

Support for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people

Support and services for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Island people who have communication difficulties must be culturally safe and responsive.

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Communication partners

Communication is always a two-way process. For a person with communication difficulties, the role of the other person - the communication partner - is even more important.

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Communication accessibility

About 1.2 million Australians have a communication disability. They also have a right to communicate and ensuring they have access to communication involves all of us.


Communication aids and supports

When speaking is not reliable or available for someone, various communication aids, supports and technologies can assist.

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Tips for communication partners

When talking with a person with communication difficulties, some simple tips can help make communication more successful and enjoyable.