Meet Lisa and Tania

Lisa is a young Bunjalung woman with Cerebral Palsy. She runs a business with her sister creating and selling clothing protectors made using indigenous fabrics. Lisa is non-verbal and uses communication boards and cards, vocalisations and gestures to communicate.

Tania is Lisa's mother and her strongest advocate.

So it’s important for Lisa to be able to communicate and be understood because it means that it’s her voice that gets heard.

Lisa does not yet have an independent communication system.

My hope for Lisa’s future is that we do find a communication system that works really well for her, that’s, sort of, sustainable even when she’s tired or cranky, that will still be something that’s motivating for her to use and for her to be able to really fully communicate, not just what she wants but also how she feels, and how she feels about, you know, stuff that’s happening in the world, and has that whole full range of communication that people without communication disabilities have.

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